The Guest Policies of Forest Shadows Pet Resort

Furry Friends Arrivals and Departures

Check in:

After 12:00

During holidays and peak seasons, a morning drop off charge of $10.50 (before noon) will be assessed.

Check out:

Before 12:00 noon

On exit day, another night’s charge will be applied if your pet is not picked up by 2:00 pm and they may be moved to another accommodation to make room for arriving pets. If your pet is staying more than 6 nights we do require an exit bath to ensure that you have a nice clean puppy when you come to pick up!

Required Vaccinations

Vaccinations are required prior to your pet’s arrival. Please make sure that Forest Shadows has a receipt from a licensed veterinarian indicating that the vaccinations listed are current. Owner-administered or over-the-counter vaccinations will not be accepted. Pets without current vaccinations will not be allowed to board. It is the owners responsibility to ensure that Forest Shadows has your pets records.


  • Bordetella: semi-annually and annually
  • Rabies: annually or 3-year, based on documentation by your veterinarian
  • DHLPP: annually until age 3, every 3 years thereafter


  • Feline Leukemia: annually
  • Rabies: annually or 3-year, based on documentation by your veterinarian
  • FVRCP (Respiratory-distemper): annually


All pets must be in good general health to board at Forest Shadows Pet Resort. Pets exhibiting signs of serious illness, pets with contagious viruses, etc. will not be accepted. Diabetics can be accepted upon approval of Kimberly Coult, owner of Forest Shadows.

Age of Pets

Due to the health needs of geriatric pets, we do not board any dogs 15 years or older. Any dogs over 10 years of age must come to spend the day with us for an evaluation. Puppies must be at least 8 weeks of age and had their first DHPP and Bordetella.


All pets will be checked thoroughly for fleas and ticks. If any are found, that pet will be treated immediately, at the owner’s expense, before being allowed to enter the boarding area.

Behavioral Problems

No pets will be accepted for boarding if they show signs of, or have a history of, severe aggression or severe separation anxiety. A daily handling fee may be charged for pets that are very difficult to manage.

Personal Items

All items must be clearly marked using a permanent marker with your pet’s name. While we will do our best to ensure your pet’s items are not lost or damaged, we are not responsible for any items left with your pet. If any items are accidentally left behind when you pick up, we will notify you immediately. Due to limited storage space, we can only keep items that are left behind for one week.

  • Treats/Food:
  • We do encourage you to bring your own food, to help keep your pet from getting an upset tummy due to the switching of foods.  If you use your own food please send it pre-measured into individual baggies by meal. Our room service food, which is at no additional cost, is IAMS mini chunk. Special foods that need extra attention may be charged an additional handling fee of $5.00 per meal.
  • Medications:
  • We can administer any oral or topical medications as needed. We request that prescription medication be provided in the prescription container with only the amount needed for its stay, along with clear written directions. Injections or more than three daily medications are an additional $7.00 charge per day. (All injections need to have prior approval by the owner.)
  • Toys/Bowls:
  • Please limit to 3 toys per pet, nothing with ropes or strings as can be ingested and cause internal problems. Please understand that there is a risk of misplacing these items during our daily sanitizing procedures, so we request that you do not bring any special items.
  • Bedding:
  • Although we do provide basic bedding in the enclosures, we welcome your pet’s bedding to help them feel more at home. While we will do our best to ensure that it goes home in the same condition that it came in, we cannot be responsible if the bedding is damaged during your pet’s stay.

Pets “On Leash”

For the safety of all pets and visitors, customers’ pets are required to be on leash and under control at all times while at Forest Shadows Pet Resort (with the exception of our play yards).

Medical Attention

If your pet needs medical attention, we will take them to your vet if they are within a 20 minute radius. If not, we will take them to Animal Clinic of the Woodlands. Any costs arising from medical care are initially paid for by Forest Shadows Pet Resort and will be billed to the owner upon checkout. A transportation fee of $36.00 per trip is charged to the owner if the pet is taken to the veterinarian.


Payment is due when services are rendered and before the owner’s pet is released. We will accept cash, personal checks, Visa, and debit cards.

Cancellation & Holiday

During peak periods and holidays, a $75.00 deposit per enclosure is required. This deposit will be deducted from the boarding cost at the time of checkout. Customers who do a “no show, no call” or do not cancel within 7 days of the arrival date forfeit the deposit. Each pet that is boarded during a holiday season will be charged a $15.00 holiday fee. We require a minimum of a 3 day stay during holidays.

Damage Deposit

Forest Shadows Pet Resort does not charge a damage deposit for pets staying in the Executive Atrium Suites. However, the significant damage that could be sustained necessitates that we charge the following fees for damage caused by owner’s pets:

  • Mattress & Cover/Repairable $30
  • Mattress & Cover/Not repairable $80 - $120
  • Wood trim chewed/Not repairable $20 - $100
  • Automatic waterer - $125
  • Throw rugs & Sheets $10
  • Wallpaper/Border $30-50
  • Wall Damage $30-$150
  • Kuranda beds - $100
  • Doggie Door flap - $100

Abandoned Pet

In the case of an abandoned pet, Forest Shadows Pet Resort will comply with Chapter 70 of the Texas State Property Code.