Obedience and Off-Leash Training for Your Pets

Train While Your Dog is Boarding

When you go on vacation, it is a perfect time to have your pet obedience trained and not have any boarding charges! An obedient pet makes a polite member of the family.

Basic Obedience

This two week “Board & Train” program is guaranteed for “Sit”, “Down”, “Come”, “Stay” and “Heel”. Also, if you decide to board within one year of your dog’s training, you can receive Refresh Training at no charge! (Excludes Holiday seasons)

Off Leash

For dogs that are already obedience trained, we also offer off leash training. This training will allow you to take your dog outside without a leash and feel confident that they will always come back to you. This training utilizes a training collar with a remote, similar to ones used in hunting.

The cost of each of these programs is $800.00, and includes $35.00 daily towards your boarding cost.

Our Trainer

After working for Harris County Sheriff's Department, Terry decided that his love for animals was where his heart belonged. In 1996, Terry followed his passion and started his career in dog training. Since that time, he has been successfully training over 300 dogs per year in basic obedience. He has also done training in protection and raised boxers. Clients are amazed at the progress that can be made with their pet in a 2 week period.

Paw Thanks

“Very happy with results. Terry did a GREAT job training us too! You ROCK” - The Martin’s

"Shocked with what Terry was able to accomplish with Lola" -The McCoys

Letters of Praise


Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful boarding facility you have. Maggie “Schneider” has enjoyed all the times she has stayed with you. You went out of your way more than a couple of times to accommodate Maggie: once at Christmas when our plans changed and I think you kept Maggie in the front office or in the grooming room until something else became available and once when I called after my brother died and I needed to board Maggie immediately. You found room for her and I wanted you to know again just how much I appreciated your kindness. There was one year when I think Maggie was with you more than with us. Not really, but she was boarded a lot that year and you and your staff were wonderful.

The reason for this email is to sing your praises. I can tell how much you care about our four legged friends. Also it is to let you know that we have moved rather quickly from the Woodlands (our house sold in 13 days) and have relocated to Chattanooga, TN. We will miss you. I am currently looking for a kennel similar to yours and I am sure I will not find it. Just wanted to say thank you for all the times you have taken care of my Maggie for me. It has been a pleasure dealing with you and everyone at Forest Shadows. Thank you."

From Jan Schneider



We just wanted to let you know how happy we are with Forest Shadows. You proved the best facilities for daycare and boarding that we have seen. Your staff goes above and beyond making us feel welcome here and assuring us that our Max is in good hands. I especially want to thank Debbie, Rachael, and Erynne for having a smile and time to chat. And of course Gina, who treats our Max like we do, with love, love, love.

But this is all due to you and your love of animals, you make this place what it is!"

From Chris and Cindy Sommers


"Hi Kimberly,

First, I want to thank you for taking the time today to give me “very specific” directions to your facility. So, “thank you”.

Now, I feel it necessary to compliment you on your staff and your facility. Today my husband, Ignacio, and I had the pleasure of visiting Forest Shadows Pet Resort and I must admit your place far exceeded our expectations. Your lobby is very welcoming and your front desk staff was very friendly.

During our tour, we were very fortunate to meet Sarah, who by chance had some time to visit with us. I am sure she could tell we were very nervous and probably a little over-protective of our “children”.

You see, we have recently moved here from California and our home there was set up so that our pets could be comfortable at home while we were away. We both still work in California and must travel every month for 3-5 days at a time. So if we sound, look, or act a little strange the first few times we drop off Nikholas and Vilence, please don’t take offense.

Our experience at your facility today has given us the opportunity to feel comfortable when having to leave Nikholas and Vilence. Please thank your staff and Sarah for taking the time to visit with us during our tour."

From Kelly and Ignacio Fernandez


"Hi Kimberly…I just wanted to thank you and your staff for taking such good care of Cotton while we were out of town. I absolutely loved her Christmas picture! I feel so comfortable leaving her at Forest Shadows and truly believe she is having a good time when we are gone. Thank you!"

Katie and David Sudderth


"Dear Kimberly, Debbie and staff,

Even though we have told you time and time again in person, we wanted to drop a quick note and tell you how much we appreciate such a fantastic facility where we can leave our companions, Meg and Bobbie, with sincere trust. From the day we brought Meg, our one year old Brittany home we knew she would be a handful. She is such a loving, good dog, but her energy has always been over the top.

However, since we found your day care and boarding facility, we have been able to enjoy the little imp and appreciated her unique personality. Leaving her at Forest Shadows for day care (Meg calls it Play care) has been such a gift. She hardly acknowledges our departure from Forest Shadows on Fridays because she is so anxious to get to playtime! We get a break from her antics, are able to get a few things done around the house and Meg comes home so happy, tired and calm.

Maybe even more importantly we have found a place where we can leave our sweet Bobbie (our nine-year-old Brittany) when we have to leave town. We adopted Bobbie later in her life and have never been comfortable leaving her at a boarding facility until Forest Shadows because of separation anxiety (not sure if it we hers or ours). After a day of “play care” we did need to leave her overnight for a trip out of town and she came home to us happy and obviously not even off her food.

Thank you, thank you, thank your for the amazing program you have at Forest Shadows, but even more we have to thank you for the amazing people who obviously love and care for animals."

Katie and David Sudderth