Top-Notch Pet Grooming Services in Magnolia, TX:
Pampering Your Pets the Right Way

Sudds and Bubbles

Here at Forest Shadows grooming salon, your pets will be pampered by our caring stylists. We offer full service grooming and bathing for your pet’s day at the spa. All our spa services include toenails & ear cleaning at no extra charge!

We do offer a variety of extras such as anal gland expression, teeth brushing, medicated baths, and special skin treatments such as remoisturizers. We can also help eliminate fleas and ticks!

One of the special services that we provide is called a Furminator! This is a deshedding treatment for dogs and cats. This treatment can help to eliminate up to 80% of the hair that your pet sheds!

We groom and bath all breeds from puppies to our special VIP older friends.

For our dogs that are here all day, we do offer Daycamp in the morning and groomed in the afternoon! This gives them the exercise they need and a spa treatment after!

Our Grooming Staff

Our grooming staff has 38 years of combined experience!! We have 3 groomers and several bathers on staff, which allows us to be able to provide baths 7 days a week and grooming 6 days a week.