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Should I Tip the Boarding Kennel?

tipping a dog boarding kennel

Should you tip at the boarding kennel? The short and sweet answer is yes, if you want to. Tipping at dog boarding facilities is a personal choice that is becoming a normal practice. Though it’s not mandatory, it’s a way to show appreciation to the hardworking staff who care for your beloved pet while you’re…

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How Much Does Dog Boarding Cost in Magnolia, Texas?

how much dog boarding costs

For many dog owners, one of the most difficult questions is: “Where will I leave my pet when I travel or go to a medical emergency?” If you don’t have trustworthy family or friends to care for your dog, dog boarding might be the best option. It’s crucial to pick a safe and dependable place…

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Can You Board a Dog in Heat?

can you board a dog in heat

Yes, boarding a dog in heat is possible, although it may require special arrangements and considerations. Boarding facilities that accept dogs in heat may have separate policies for ensuring your and other dogs’ safety in the boarding facility. A dog’s behavior can change significantly when they are in heat. Changes vary depending on the dog,…

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What is Dog Boarding?

what is pet boarding

No matter how much you care and adore your furry companion, there comes a time when you’ll need to leave them either due to emergencies or vacation. During times like this, dog boarding facilities come to save the day! This service allows pet owners to have their furry friends stay overnight at a specialized facility…

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